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Are Robotic Vacuums Worth the Investment?

How many homeowners have the time to vacuum their floors on a regular schedule? The good news is that with the advancement and popularity in household gadgets, you no longer have to work vacuuming into your busy schedule. If you’re tired of dragging a full-sized vacuum across your floors, a robotic alternative may sound like the perfect solution.

A robotic vacuum is an independent device designed to clean hardwood floors, tiles and carpets. There are a variety of robotic vacuums available at a range of price points that can help with tiresome chores. Employing a robot may sound like a dream come true, but will it get the job done right? Below are a few considerations to make before investing in a robotic vacuum to clean your floors.

Flooring Type

If you’re in the market for a robotic vacuum, consider the floors you want kept clean and the environment in which you live. Typically, all robotic vacuums can clean debris off hardwood without issues. There are several brands and models available that even include a mopping option. For tile and carpet, brand names have developed devices that are said to work wonders. However, the price tag is hefty and many reviews state that the vacuums did not fully pick up dirt and debris from carpets.

Many companies have developed more advanced robotic vacuums that guarantee great floor cleaning. For homeowners, problems arise when they invest in an expensive brand that performs a certain way for only one flooring type. Most homes have more than one type of flooring. A high-powered carpet robotic vacuum may not perform well on hardwood flooring and vice versa.

Surface Cleaning or Deep Cleaning?

Most robotic vacuums remove surface debris from bare hardwood floors, tile and low-pile carpet; which is fantastic for quick touch-ups. However, picking up the dirt and crumbs from grout, nooks and crannies, and thick carpet have made consumers question the reliability of robotic vacuums. The handy devices also can’t climb stairs, which poses a problem for cleanliness.

Many reputable reviews state that even top-rated models have trouble sucking up dirt. Robotic vacuums are smaller, with a tiny filter and battery pack. The suction works, but it will take longer and only clean the surface. Robotic vacuums proactively struggle with any dirt deeper than eye level.

It’s Your Decision

If you’re thinking of purchasing a robotic vacuum to clean your floors, do your homework. It’s important to understand the money that you invest into these devices are generally for surface cleaning only, and even that depends on the brand and model you are willing to invest in.

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